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Welcome To Nyeswah Family Foundation, INC.

In our society there are those who have more than enough and those who have close to nothing. It might surprise some to know that there are people in the United States who struggle to find food, shelter, clothing, and education every day.

The Nyeswah Family Foundation (TNFF) is a family owned charitable organization based in Maryland, USA. Established in 2011, we are dedicated to helping those who do not have a lot, do not get the support they need, and who need help the most.

Here at The Nyeswah Family Foundation, we believe that it is our God-given duty to serve the underserved people in the community.

The Nyeswah Family Foundation's purpose is two-fold - the first is to provide assistance to refugees who are left with no choice but to return to their country of origin, and the other one is to provide help to a rising number of teenage mothers. The Nyeswah Family Foundation helps provide transitional housing here in the United States for these people who have nowhere to go at such a challenging time in their life.
While we devote our time, knowledge, effort, and other resources to this cause wholeheartedly, we cannot do it alone. We need the help and support of other individuals, families, organizations, and even businesses who like us share a passion for helping those in our society who have very little.

If you'd like to join TNFF in helping refugees and teenage mothers with their basic needs, please call us at 443-983-3968 or email us at info@thffoundation.org today!

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Community Cup USA

The Community Cup USA Tournament is designed to embrace America's ethnic diversity. Baltimore and its neighboring counties are well known for their multi-cultural communities, which are celebrated each year with festivals in the streets and the parks. This tournament will augment those events by bringing them all together at a single venue "Cedar Lane Regional Park".
Community Cup USA, established in 2014, is a sporting event that provides support, publicity and stardom opportunities for rising soccer icons. 

we use this platform to organize arts, sporting and multicultural activities for fun: and for the purpose of rasing resources for local non-profit organizations, which we beleive , are doing the greater good in lives of families in our communities across america. 

Our Mission is to help raise resources for non-profit organizations for their programs and services to families in our communities across America. 

If you have questions, require more information and/ pr are interested in joining the Community Cup USA Board of Organizers, Please feel free to contact Gus Nyeswah at 443-983-3968; or just email us at communitycupusa@gmail.com

We welcome you to join and/or support us in any of the following categories: 

Event Organizers | Event Staff| Event Sponsors | Coaches | Linemen 

Thank you for your participation and/or support

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