About Us

The Nyeswah Mission

The Mission of the Nyeswah Family Foundation, Inc.(TNFF), is to help support and encourage stability and independence to refugees as they make their journey back to their home country

Who We Are

The Nyeswah Family Foundation (TNFF) is a family owned charitable organization based in Maryland, USA; and was established in 2011. The name “Nyeswah” family foundation means God family foundation, dedicated in memory of our late father, Freeman Weleh Nyeswah. 

The purpose of TNFF is in two folds: One part is to cater to the plight of refugees returning to their home countries and the other part is to assist teenage mothers with transitional housing here in America in their stage of vulnerability. TNFF welcomes the involvement of people to become part this great cause.
Please JOIN US in our Mission and passion for the welfares of those less fortunate amongst us. 
Our Goal 
The goals of TNFF is to help former refugees as they make their journey back home, a journey many are not prepared to make due to the tremendous pressure of returning home with limited resources (or lack of resources), especially, on families with young children who are force (face) to go back to their home countries or face the uncertainty in refugees camps.  Many of these refugees left their home countries when they were in their teens; and some may have lost their parents to WAR or natural causes. They now face a series of new and difficult challenges. The purpose this website is to serve as a venue to inform the public of the challenges facing refugees in the West African region and to seek support.
( TNFF 2015 Xmas gifts to The House of Ruth. )